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Want all the biggest sports news, analysis and event updates sent direct to your phone or tablet? Then download the BBC Sport app and sign up to notifications.

Our latest update includes line-up, score kick-off, half-time and full-time notifications for every team in the Rugby League World Cup. Read on to find out how to sign-up, plus discover other ways to interact with BBC Sport.

Sign up for notifications on the BBC Sport app

The BBC Sport app offers two types of notification.

With news notifications you can have the biggest sport stories and the best content right at your fingertips. Stay in the know by picking from our offering of top headlines, news from nine major sports and the best from each nation of the United Kingdom.

You can also follow your team from wherever you are with our massive range of event notifications. Across five sports – football, cricket, Formula 1, rugby union and rugby league – we cover every major moment. Line-ups, kick-offs, and half-time scores, goals, wickets, tries and conversions, results and times on the wave of the chequered flag. We currently serve more than 400 teams, with more to come.

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