Conor McGregor nutritionist — No issues making weight


LAS VEGAS — Spoiler alert: Conor McGregor is in no jeopardy of missing weight for his highly anticipated boxing match this weekend against Floyd Mayweather.

That’s according to McGregor’s longtime nutritionist George Lockhart, who has prepared the UFC champion’s meals throughout his entire fight camp in Las Vegas.

Lockhart, a well-known nutritionist in mixed martial arts with Fitness VT, went so far as to describe McGregor’s cut as “a masterpiece.”

“It’s perfect,” Lockhart told ESPN on Thursday. “I’d even call it a masterpiece. He woke up this morning 8 pounds over weight. He’ll get down to maybe 156 pounds by tonight. I’m pretty sure he’ll wake up on weight tomorrow. If he does have to cut, it will be 2 pounds, max.”

Both Mayweather (49-0, 26 KOs) and McGregor (21-3) must weigh in no more than 154 pounds on Friday. Mayweather has competed the majority of his career at a lower weight and will have no issue.

Apparently, neither will McGregor — despite recent claims to the contrary by Mayweather.

This week, Mayweather has expressed doubt McGregor will even make weight — even though their contracted weight is just 1 pound shy of the 155-pound limit of the UFC’s lightweight division, where McGregor is a champion. During an interview with, Mayweather even suggested McGregor had received an IV for some reason related to his cut, which would actually be a potential violation under McGregor’s anti-doping guidelines with the UFC.

Mayweather added he’d be happy to collect on a fine out of McGregor’s purse should he be correct about the Irishman missing weight.

In a simple response to Mayweather’s comments earlier in the week, McGregor said, “Tell him to shut his f—ing mouth. He knows nothing, fool of a thing.”

Lockhart said McGregor’s diet has been depleted of carbs this week, which is normal, and that everything is on schedule. He guessed McGregor would rehydrate somewhere between 166 and 168 pounds by fight night at T-Mobile Arena.

And as far as McGregor’s dinner Friday, after making weight, plans are already in place.

“Lamb, jasmine rice, and he likes a pesto sauce, no Parmesan,” Lockhart said. “He’ll eat that right before he goes to bed on Friday.”

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